Stability Calculations with Stability Booklet $35.00

This 173 page book includes:

General Stability Calculations including CG of Deck Cargo, OSV Deck Cargo CG, TPI, Loadline, Rolling Period, KG – Angle of List, Angle of List – find GM, Minimum Freeboard on Sailing, Free Surface, Reduction in GM and Free Surface Constant

S.S. American Mariner questions include KG & LCG-FP of Liquid Load, KG & LCG-FP of Cargo, Trim Tables, Ballast to change Trim, Ballast to achieve Draft, Final Drafts, Ballast, Gain in GM, Double Bottom Tankage Requirements, Voyage Sailing Drafts, Available GM, Free Surface Constants for Fuel Tanks, Minimum GM Required and One Compartment Standard

The Selected Stability Curves include KM – LCF – Δ, Mean Draft, MT1, Ballast to change Trim, Angle of Loll, Final GM, Parallel Sinkage, Permeability, Full & Down, Angle of List, off-center Weight, Righting Arm, Danger Angle and Positive Righting Arm.

Sample Questions with Solutions

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