Deck General

Deck General Calculations and Diagrams Questions $35.00

This 175 page book includes:

Anchor Gear Diagram, Seamanship Knots, Stoppers & Whippings Diagrams

Block & Tackle and Mooring Lines Diagrams

Seamanship Calculations

Relative Humidity Diagrams and Tables

Cargo & Tanker Calculations, Crane Diagrams

Turning Circles Diagrams, 46 United States Code

Title 33 & 46 Code of Federal Regulations

Cargo Related Title 33, 46 & 49 CFR’s

Chemical Data Guide Cargo, H.O. 102, Construction Diagrams

Crane Signalman, Towing Diagrams

Tankship Northland Hogging & Sagging Numerals.


Sample Questions with Solutions

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