Deck Safety

Deck Safety Regulations, Diagrams and Reference Questions $35.00

This 193 page book includes:

Collision Avoidance Regs – Rules of the Road

Submarine Emergency Identification Signals

Publication 117 with AMVER, H.O. 102

Diagram questions for Fire Control Symbols, Lifeboats, Liferaft, Draft Marks and Stability

Code of Federal Regulations questions covering Uninspected Vessels, Towing Vessels, Fishing Vessels, T Boats – Small Passenger Vessels,           Tank Vessels and Tank Barges, Firefighting, Immersion Suits, Lifejackets, Work Vests, Lifesaving, Life Floats, Liferafts, Lifeboats,         Rescue Boat, Survival Craft, EPIRB’s, Line Throwing, Pollution and HAZMAT

United States Code Title 46 , Code of Federal Regulations Titles 33, 46 & 49 as well as the Chemical Data Guide, COMDINST M16616.6A.


Sample Pages with Rules and Illustrations

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